The European eHealth Eurocampus project is awarded the “best practice” label by the Erasmus+ Agency

As part of the end-of-project audit for the European eHealth Eurocampus project –which was spearheaded by the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean– the Erasmus+ Agency, responsible for assessing the project, has just recognised its excellent results, particularly with regard to the course modules compiled during the project for teachers and students, and therefore had no hesitation in awarding it the “best practice” label, a prize that recognises at a European level the exemplary nature of the work done by the entire partnership.

The project also encouraged activity from young people, by adapting training programmes to meet the requirements of the labour market to ensure that students will have the right tools to progress in their work and improve the quality of life of patients, particularly the elderly and persons with physical and/or cognitive deficiencies.

The eHealth Eurocampus project brought together ten partners from ten different countries: the hospital and Catalan medical network of the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation, the IT Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC), the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of the Balearic Islands, The Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology, the University of Montpellier, the ISIS Engineering School in Castres (France), Glyndwr University, Wales (United Kingdom), the University of Ulm (Germany), the University of Cyprus and the EPM.

The eHealth Eurocampus project, which is perceived as a strategic association for higher education, was part of the European Erasmus+ programme, and was financed by the European Union in a total amount of €430,000. The programme, which lasted 3 years, ended in August 2019.

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