The Project

The eHealth Eurocampus supports the development of innovative teaching material and activities that will improve the relevance and quality of higher education in the field of eHealth by adapting curricula to labour market needs, while providing students with skills of entrepreneurship through innovative and learner-centred methods.

The main objectives of the eHealth Eurocampus are:

  1. Improving the RELEVANCE of higher education in the field of information and communication technologies applications for health (eHealth).
  2. Enhancing the QUALITY of eHealth higher education through mobility and transnational cooperation.
  3. Fostering EMPLOYABILITY through curricula adaptation to labour market needs, taking into account the diversity of the European health systems.
  4. Providing skills of ENTREPRENEURSHIP for students, especially those adapted to the eHealth sector.

In the eHealth Eurocampus ICT in healthcare is dealt from very different perspectives and disciplines: education, entrepreneurship, assistive healthcare medicine, medical robotics, medical imaging, privacy and data security, ethics and law, etc.

Moreover, one of the main goals of the project is to create an original eHealth teaching-learning space where university professors, students, researchers, and clinicians will be able to share their experiences and knowledge with the aim of improving the skills of graduates with the aim of improving their employability.