The course will introduce students to entrepreneurship, giving positive images of businessmen, and encouraging them to creation and innovation through "action training" approaches. A process for identifying the most motivated students with the view of coaching them from the idea to the creation will be defined.

The overall aim of the course is to develop students' skills in designing software applications to support a longer independent life for their users.

The aim of this eModule is to enable participants to develop applications for mobile devices, e.g. smartphones.

This eModule aims at providing skills and knowledge on robotics and their application in healthcare. Problem based learning and working in multidisciplinary groups methodologies are used in order to achieve a wide and deep knowledge about the use of robot technologies in healthcare. The main goals of the course are the introduction to the methodological bases of robot modelling and control as well as the analysis of the medical requirements of robotics in each health area.

Designing an eLearning course for the development of skills (graphics) that make students operative regarding health applications to cope with physical and cognitive disabilities.